What’s all this, then?

Even more than it used to be, blogging seems to be The Thing to Do. I’m not sure why, but a significant number of my friends and acquaintances have suddenly gone and started blogging over the last few months. So it got me thinking, maybe there’s something to this after all.

I’ve done informal online journal-keeping before, but never anything so formal it could really be called a blog. (Example of past journal entries: “I got a new haircut today! *insert picture*”) Blogging is supposed to be more than that: there’s an expectation of putting more work into it to appeal to a wider online audience, and one is generally expected to have a theme, even if the theme is “Stuff I Thought About This Week.”

This is, in fact, going to be more of a “Stuff I Thought About This Week” blog. My hobbies and interests are varied and changeable, so a blog focused on one particular activity or topic probably wouldn’t last long. Still, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to draw an occasional thread between the things I write about, even if at face value they have little or nothing to do with each other. A motley of topics, if you will (oh-ho-ho).

With that said, I do have a pretty good grasp of the things I like to think about. Here’s a list to give you an idea of upcoming content.


  • Gender theory/Queer theory/Life as a transgender individual. I am transgender. The specifics of my transition are something I’m still sussing out as I am not binary-identified (Not identified as either male or female. Don’t panic; there’ll be a glossary.) I am also engaged to be married to a cisgender man (He was assigned male at birth and he’s just fine with that, thanks. Again, no panicking: glossary.) For someone with a trans identity marriage can be a complex and slippery issue, especially in the context of the larger LGBTQ community.
  • Performance. It is my occupation and my passion. I’m a musician/songwriter, an actor, and an occasional drag performer. That last one’s more of a hobby than the other two, but I don’t take it any less seriously.
  • Geekery/Science Fiction/Science Fact. I am a raging geek of geekiness. My love for my chosen fandoms burns with the fire of a thousand suns. My current obsession is Doctor Who, and I adore Matt Smith, so Beware of Squee once April 23rd rolls around (for the uninitiated: that’s when the next season starts). As far as science fact goes, my fascination is astronomy with a dash of theoretical physics.
  • Yoga. I’m not deep enough into it to call myself a yoga fanatic, but I do take regular classes. Specifically I’m into Bikram Yoga, otherwise known as “Sweat Your Ass Off” Yoga.
  • Magic and Spirituality. I’m a sporadically-practicing Neo-Pagan and chaos magician, and I’m rarely into it as much as I’d like to be. I do go through phases, though.
  • Politics. I don’t fancy myself an activist, but I do my best to keep informed, so politics, particularly American politics, are bound to come up at some point.

Other topics I haven’t mentioned will undoubtedly sneak in sideways, but the above gives you a general idea of what goes on in my head and my life. If it all sounds interesting to you, I hope you’ll stick around.



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