I warned you about the Squee, right? I’m pretty sure I warned you about the Squee.


(Discussion of potentially-spoilery things [and not too much more caps lock, I promise] after the cut.)

First of all, not that I’ve actually seen this happen, since I try to avoid falling into the pit of despair that is YouTube comments, but I’m sure someone, somewhere, is freaking the hell out about that kiss in much the same way people freaked out about the gun in Series 5. I would like to say to these hypothetical people: CALM DOWN. Not that I’d mind if it’s a romantic situation (because honestly, I ship it), but the Doctor has kissed people before without romantic overtones. In fact, that’s the only way he’s ever kissed anyone, unless you count the other!Ten that got created at the end of Series 4 (and I don’t count the Amy make-out session; he wasn’t into it). Beyond that, one thing we should have learned from the gun-in-Series-5 situation is that The Previews Lie Like Lying Things, they are edited to mislead us and make us draw the simplest possible conclusions when the reality is often anything but because Doctor Who has some of the smartest freaking writers on television today.

That said, yeah – I really wouldn’t mind if it’s Occam’s Razor on this one.

Moving on, can anyone tell me what the heck he’s saying in that shot just after the kiss? It’s “[something something] by gum,” I think, but… I just don’t know.

One thing I do know everyone and their cousin is talking about is the “Fear me” bit, and the commentary is basically running along the lines of “Unf, Eleven, such a badass.” I honestly have nothing to say to that to either add to it or dispute it. UNF.

The red setting? Could it be? I’m referring here to something that came up in River Song’s first appearance in Silence in the Library, her insistence that the sonic screwdriver will one day have a “red setting.” Definitely could be it. Maybe.

Aside from that, there’s just a lot of cool and creepy imagery in here. The freaky ‘Brazil’-esque masks, the floating girl, the screamy faces and THE CLOWN, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT CLOWN. And I love how polished all the footage looks – I would never, ever say the Christopher Eccleston episodes weren’t good, but from a technical, visual standpoint? Just look at how far this show has come.

In conclusion: I AM SO PSYCHED.


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