Dress Like the Doctor: Part Three

In Part One, we covered the general, overall look. In Part Two, we got more specific with fabrics, patterns and colors. Now it’s time to finish up!

Part Three: Accents and Accessories


A minority of the Doctors wore hats with any kind of regularity, but that doesn’t make them out of the question by any means. Especially when Tom Baker was one of the ones who did:

Four’s wide-brimmed, floppy fedora suited the overall kind-of-a-hobo look he had going. Seven, meanwhile, went for more of a boater style:

While Eleven will put just about anything on his head:

Although those are always short-lived, so I’m not actually recommending any of them (okay, maybe the fez). Repeat: I do not advocate walking around with a space helmet on your head all day. For one thing, it’d probably be pretty uncomfortable.

Really, when it comes to hats, it’s best to stick to the ‘gentlemanly’ rule from Part One. Stay away from baseball caps and anything else overly youthful. Just about anything stylish (or pleasantly anachronistic) and masculine should work just fine.


With the exception of Nine, every Doctor had something going on in this category. Straight ties, bow ties, cravats, scarves. You really can’t go wrong:

Note that the pattern and fabric guidelines from Part Two apply here. Eye-catching patterns and silky fabrics are always fine in smaller doses (unless you’re going for Six’s ‘throw-it-all-in-a-blender’ look).


The Doctor might run – a lot – but he’s never been caught wearing anything that could be described as “running shoes.” The closest would be Ten’s Converse sneakers:

Aside from that, you either want something plain and utilitarian, like Eleven’s boots:

Or – you guessed it – gentlemanly, like One’s good ol’ black dress shoes:

Although black is obviously not your only option. Five wore white shoes, Ten’s Converses were occasionally red. Go with the color guidelines from Part Two for shoes as well.

The Question Mark

Question marks were a big thing with the Doctor for a while. Five, Six and Seven all had them integrated into their costume in some way:

Obviously it’s not necessary, and it’s probably the most difficult detail to fulfill seeing as question marks aren’t any kind of popular pattern – but it’s one of those things to keep in your back pocket. If you happen to be good at embroidery, it’s pretty easy to integrate by sewing a couple of question marks into your shirt lapels – iron-on decals might work too, depending on how good they look once they’re on. Or try to think of other ways to fit the question mark into the outfit – a simple ring, for example, or some other accessory.

Or don’t, since it also happens to be entirely optional.


And now we come to all the stuff that doesn’t necessarily need its own category, but is still worth mentioning. For instance, watches. What would a Time Lord be without a way to tell time?

A few of the Doctors carried pocket watches, and I’m partial to them myself, but a wristwatch works just as well.

Five and Ten also made it totally cool to wear glasses, or as they referred to them, “brainy specs:”

A walking stick is fine, although it gives off a slightly more austere appearance:

And even something as utilitarian as an umbrella can be turned into an accessory:

Finally, you can’t go wrong with pinning something a bit funny to your jacket lapel. Say, for example, a cat pin…

…or a bit of celery.

So – that’s it! Everything you need to know in order to Dress Like the Doctor. Unfortunately it won’t give you the ability to outsmart Daleks or travel through time and space… though you will be more likely to get away with saying stuff like “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.”

Have fun, and thanks for reading!


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  1. What the hell would be the point of getting a doctorate in nuclear physics if I didn’t get to talk about “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff” every once in a while?!

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