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Ronen’s Trans Glossary

Every trans-related blog worth its salt needs one.

This is not a fully comprehensive glossary. If something comes up the future that I think needs to be on here, I’ll backtrack and edit this post, and if anyone out there has questions, feel free to ask. If you’re interested in something that goes into even more depth than this, I urge you to check out Erin Houdini’s Really Awesome Trans Glossary, but the terms listed below should be enough to get you by on this particular blog.

If you’re reading these terms for the first time, I present to you a little exercise:

“Ronen is a genderqueer person whose preferred pronouns are neutral pronouns. Ze was AFAB but does not identify as FtM, because ze is not binary-identified. Ze identifies more as genderfluid, and hir presentation is a kind of femme masculinity. Ze is still in the early stages of hir transition. Hir fiancé John was AMAB and is cisgender, but their relationship is far from heteronormative despite the fact that Ronen was AFAB.”

Ready? Trans-late! (ba-dum-CHSS)

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