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We need to talk about Steven.

ImageBeen a while since I’ve made a Doctor Who post, but it’s about that time. Season 7 of the reboot is about to wrap up, and the 50th Anniversary is upon us. In related news, the next episode is entitled “The Name of the Doctor”, and recently a “spoiler” was leaked about John Hurt’s mystery role in the anniversary special.

And the fandom is losing its mind.

(Here is your fair warning before you continue: I’m about to discuss the anniversary special and the supposed spoilers.)

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On the illusion and shaping of reality.

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“You have a very active imagination.”

That’s what my dad said to me. We were sitting in the car (where we have most of our important conversations these days) on a rainy day, talking about my genderqueerness, and what my dad saw as the reasons I started identifying that way.

He was referring to the fact that I never grew out of playing pretend, and even as a child I took it very seriously. I put on a costume and I would become┬áthat costume. I would allow my outward appearance to transform my behavior. According to my father, my active imagination had led me to choose genderqueer as an identity I had wanted to put on. He wasn’t saying there was no internal basis, but he was using my imagination as an excuse. In essence, he was saying that what I thought of as my Real Self wasn’t ‘really’ real.

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